Monday, May 15, 2017

Top 10 Reasons I Love to Crochet...Reason #4

Creating Lots of Gifts!

What better way to add a personal touch for any special person in your life than giving them a great hand-crocheted gift. 

And the best thing about crocheting gifts for those special people in your life is that ideas can be found for every and any holiday. Large gifts can be made for the people closest to you, small gifts can be made for smaller occasions. Hand crocheted items can be made for secret gift exchanges or potluck gift games. There really is no limit to who you gift a crocheted item to.

And since this is the month of May ... which means 7 months to Christmas ... I want to extend a challenge to anyone reading. Make 1 gift per month until Christmas, what a great way to save time and money before the actual Christmas shopping and preparations begin.

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