Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Stitchin' & Complaining - Crochet Pet Peeve # 3

Okay, already at number 3 on my list of crochet pet peeves. I do genuinely love the art of crochet, after nearly 7 months of attempting to think about the things that frustrate me, I'm still crocheting strong. So  even though I'm blogging about the worst things I've encountered in the world of crochet ... It's still the best craft.

Pet Peeve # 3 - Knotted or Discolored Yarn!

What can be worse. You know ... partway through a project and you come to that dreaded section of yarn that was knotted together (by the manufacturer yet), or equally as bad, the section that's really discolored. I once had a ball of off-white yarn, that at about half-way through, and little discolored sections of a brownish red dye throughout the remainder of the ball.

I have to admit that if I'm crocheting something for myself, I just work with it. But if I'm crocheting a project to give to someone else or to sell ... then it's a whole different story. You know, cut the knot or discolored area out and then rejoin in the cut yarn. (I like to use the Russian join method when this happens, check out my tutorial for this!) And the worst is when this happens with a ball of ruffle yarn.

Okay, it is more understandable, tolerable even, when I'm using economy yarn. You know those giant balls that are $10 for 800 plus yards. I tell myself Oh, well, you get what you pay for. But it's really frustrating when it's a ball of yarn that's more like $7 for 100 yards. It's like Really, if they're going to charge so much they'd better be making sure this is top quality! 

I guess there's not much to do, maybe one could contact the manufacturer and get a free ball or something ... I'm not sure, I've never tried. I'm really not that confrontational. I did have one lady tell me that when she takes certain, more expensive, yarns home that she unravels the whole ball before she starts using it to check for discoloration or knots. If she finds any she just returns it to the store. I'm usually too eager to get started on the crocheting side of things to take the time.

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