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Free Wrist Cuff Crochet Pattern

Just Clownin' Around Wrist Cuffs

Free Crochet Pattern with photo illustrations!

With Halloween just around the corner, I was inspired to create a pattern that could be a fun addition to a costume. But these wrist cuffs do not have to be isolated to Halloween or costume wear, they will make a nice addition to your outside winter wear on a cold day (and where I live it's not uncommon to need warm outside winter wear by Halloween).

I offer you this free pattern in 3 different ways. You can scroll through this post to read the written instructions as well as view comprehensive slide show photo illustrations at various points along the way. If you don't like sitting in front of a computer screen to work your pattern and you don't want the illustrations, just scroll down to the bottom of the post to find a PDF printable/downloadable version of the pattern; and if you still want the added help of the photos you can download or print a copy of the pattern with those too.


Pattern Instructions are written for Small and in red print, instructions for Large are written in the brackets and in blue print: S (L).

Small Wrist Cuffs are adjustable
to fit sizes Toddler through Youth.
Large Wrist Cuffs are adjustable
to fit Child-Large through Adult-XXXLarge.

Unbuttoned (flat) = 9" across;
Depth = 3.5";
Fits wrist circumference up to 7".
Unbuttoned (flat) = 12";
Depth = 4.5"
Fits wrist circumference up to 10"

Red Heart Super Saver worsted weight yarn (7oz/198g - 364yds/333m per ball) as follows:

For the small wrist cuffs I used
Color A: 35 yards #512/Turqua
For the large wrist cuffs I used
Color A: 60 yards #312 Black
Color B: #300/White
20 yards for small/ 25 yards for large
I also used (for both sizes of wrist cuffs) a small amount each of:
Color C: #319/Cherry Red
Color D: #254/Pumpkin
Color E: #324/Bright Yellow
Color F: #3620/Glow Worm
Color G: #886/Blue
Color H: #356/Amythest

You will also need:
J/10 - 6.00mm hook
or size for gauge.
Yarn needle for
working in ends.
Assorted 1/2 - 3/4" buttons
16 for small/ 30 for large.
Thread and needle
for sewing on buttons.

GAUGE: 6 double crochet X 3 rows = 2 inches.

Color A = CA
Color B = CB
Color C = CC
Color D = CD
Color E = CE
Color F = CF
Color G = CG
Color H = CH
Hook = hk
Loop(s) = lp(s)
Stitch(es) = st(s)
Space(s) = sp(s)
Yarn over = yo
Skip = sk
Chain = ch
Slip stitch = sl st
Joining = jng
single crochet = sc: insert hook into indicated stitch or space, pull up a loop; yarn over and pull through the 2 loops on the hook.
double crochet = dc: yarn over, insert hook into indicated stitch or space, pulling up a loop; (yarn over, pull through 2 loops on the hook) twice.

Join with slip stitch unless otherwise indicated.

Chain-1 at beginning of rows does not count as a stitch.

Chain-3 at beginning of rows counts as a double crochet. DO NOT work in the 1st stitch of rows beginning with a chain 3 unless otherwise indicated.

Pattern instructions are written for Small and in red print with the instructions for Large inside the bracket and in blue print. All black print instructions are for both sizes.

When changing color, switch to new color on the last yarn over on the last stitch to be worked in current color:

When working in end of rows, work indicated stitches around the post of the double crochet on the end of the row.


With CA, ch 27 (32).
Row 1: Dc in the 3rd ch from hk (sk 2 chs counts as a dc), dc in each of next 24 (29) chs, turn.
Row 2: Ch 3, dc in each of next 25 (30) dc, turn.
[Repeat row 2] 1 (3) times.
Next Row: Ch 3, dc in next 1 (3) dc, [ch 1, sk next dc, dc in next dc] 12 times, dc in next 0 (3) dc switching to CB on last yarn over of last dc worked, turn.
Fasten off CA.
Edging Rnd:
(This is the right side): Ch 1, work 3 sc in 1st dc, [ch 1, sc in next dc] 0 (3) times, [ch 1, sc in next ch-1 sp, ch 1, sc in next dc] 12 times, working around the dc post on end of rows: [work 2 sc around next dc post, (sc, ch 3, sc - button loop around next dc post] 2 (3) times, working in unused lps of the beg ch: work 3 sc in next ch, [ch 1, sc in next ch] 24 (29) times, ch 1, 3 sc in next ch, working around the dc posts on end of rows: work 2 sc around each of next 4 (6) dc, join to 1st sc made this rnd.
Fasten off CB and work in ends.
Click through this slideshow for photos of the small wrist cuffs:
Here is a slideshow showing photos of working the large wrist cuffs:

Curls: (Both Sizes)
With CC:
With skipped dc on " Next Row" facing towards you, join in the 1st skipped, *ch 6, work 3 sc in 2nd ch from hk and in each of next 4 chs, sl st in same dc as joining. Fasten off, weave in ends.**
Skip the next 5 skipped dc on "Next Row", join yarn in next skipped dc, repeat from * to **.
With CD:
Working in the next skipped dc after each curl made with CC, repeat from * to **.
With CE:
Working in the next skipped dc after each curl made with CD, repeat from * to **.
With CF:
Working in the next skipped dc after each curl made with CE, repeat from * to **.
With CG:
Working in the next skipped dc after each curl made with CF, repeat from * to **.
With CH:
Working in the next skipped dc after each curl made with CG, repeat from * to *.

Sew the buttons around the dc posts as follows:
Working on EACH row of dc that line up with the "button loops" sk first 5 dc on row, sew a button around the next dc, evenly space 3 (4) more buttons across the row with the last button being sewn around the last dc on the row. The small cuffs will have 2 rows of 4 buttons each; the large cuffs will have 3 rows of 5 buttons each.

Repeat all instructions to make a second wrist cuff!

Just Clownin' Around Adjustable
Wrist Cuffs
Pattern Creation Date:
This pattern is the intellectual property of EveryDayWomanCrochet designs by Sheri K.
Reproduction of the  printed material in this pattern in its entirety or in portions of any form is prohibited.
EveryDayWomanCrochet designs by Sheri K gives the purchaser of this pattern permission to create the items within the pattern for personal or business use, however the pattern itself may not be resold or distributed in any way.
For questions, comments, or concerns e-mail

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As promised, here are the downloadable / printable PDF for the free pattern posted in this blog "Just Clownin' Around" Wrist Cuffs:

Pattern written instructions only:

And here's the pattern with photos:

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