Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stitchin' & Complainin' - Pet Peeve # 6

Okay, here is the 5th in my series of my top 10 crochet pet peeves. I know that crocheting has many benefits, but once in a while I run across a minor (or sometimes major) frustration that makes me want to throw my hooks on the floor. But I do soon pick them up again, because I really do love the craft.

Crochet Pet Peeve # 6 - Not Enough of a Dye Lot!!!!

There is nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect yarn for a project and discovering the store doesn't have enough of the dye lot in stock to be able to use the yarn you want. It's frustrating, hopeless ... or is it!

I guess one could purchase the yarn anyways ... you know hold the two different dye lot balls of yarn together, raising them high in the air to be better seen under the harsh fluorescent lights of the department store to see just how different they look. If one's eye detects that they are "close enough" then I guess it's okay to go ahead and purchase the two different lots. Now, this is a possibility, but trust me I've tried it without always the best of results.

I could just walk away, no yarn in hand and keep checking back until there is enough of one dye lot for the project I want to make. Okay, le's me realistic ... when I find a project I want to do ... I want to start it NOW!

Maybe just choose a different yarn or color all together. Okay, that doesn't work for me, once my minds set on a particular yarn or color I can't seem to move past it, I just would never be happy with the results.

I could go home and order the yarn direct from the company. Most yarn companies are great for making sure they ship you all the same dye lot. Again, I'd have to wait a few days and it would be quicker than waiting and hoping that the department store I our town would get more. But depending on the amount of yarn I'm ordering it could cost a fortune in shipping!

Most often, what I do if my mind is set on a particular yarn, in a particular color, for a particular pattern (I am a very particular person) is I turn it into a striped  project. Now I need to look for a coordinating color, which I always find fun to do. Then I need to buy half the total amount in each color and I'm on my way to happy crocheting.

But what if there's not enough in one dye lot for each of the two colors?!! Three color stripes?

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