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Free Crochet Pattern, Fall Leaves Ruffle Belt

With September just around the corner I was inspired to create this Fall Leaves Belt free crochet pattern. I found this ruffle yarn that I've been dying to try and the colors reminded me of fall. So I'm happy to share it with you. I hope you enjoy. It's so quick and easy to crochet, the belt is all crocheted in one piece with the ruffles crocheted directly onto the belt as the final stage. I wanted to create a leaf pattern where I didn't need to crochet a whole bunch of leaves and then join them all together, so I designed this belt to be worked in one piece ... which means only two ends to work in; the one created at the start and the one when fastening off.

As usual, I'm offering this pattern as a PDF download if you want to skip all the scrolling or reading a pattern of your screen.. You can access a PDF print only version of this pattern or a PDF downloadable version that offers all the photos that are presented in my slide show photo demonstrations throughout the post. To access these printable copies of Fall Leaves Ruffle Belt just scroll down to the bottom of the post.

Make it with the ruffles (6" wide by 32"long
without the tie) - One size fits most!
Or you can leave it without ruffles
(3" wide by 29" long without the ties)
Wear it as a belt!
It even makes a great fall scarf!

Or try making a few and wear them layered!
Let's begin our pattern - just scroll through, I've included photo demonstration slide shows if you reach any spots that you might need a little extra help with. If you need to contact me in any way  concerning this pattern or anything else related to this site, check out the disclaimer posted right after the pattern to find my contact information - Please keep contact topics to things  that are only crochet related.
Worsted Weight (4) Yarn
Ruffle yarn - your choice / any weight



With worsted weight yarn: 9 single crochet X 9 singe crochet rows = 3 inches square (the gauge is not important)

Hook = hk
Loop(s) = lp(s)

Stitch(es) = st(s)
Space(s) = sp(s)
Yarn over = yo
Skip = sk
Chain = ch
Slip stitch = sl st
single crochet = sc: insert hook into indicated stitch or space, pull up a loop; yarn over and pull through the 2 loops on the hook.
half double crochet = hdc; yarn over, insert hook into indicated stitch or space and pull up a loop; yarn over, pull through all three loops on the hook.
double crochet = dc: yarn over, insert hook into indicated stitch or space, pulling up a loop; (yarn over, pull through 2 loops on the hook) twice.
treble crochet = tr: yarn over twice, insert hook into indicated stitch or space pulling up a loop; (yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook) 3 times.
3-treble crochet cluster = 3-tr cluster: [yarn over twice, pull up a loop, (yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook) twice] 3 times in the indicated stitch or space; yarn over and pull through all 4 loops on the hook.

Join with slip stitch unless otherwise indicated.

The scarf can be made with or without the ruffle edging.

With the worsted weight yarn and 6.00mm hk, ch 8.
1st Leaf: Work 4 dc in the 4th ch from the hk,2 dc in the next ch,hdc in the next ch, sc in the next ch, sl st in the next ch, ch 1, turn, work in unused lps of the chs just worked in mirroring the sts in the following manner: sl st in 1st ch, sc in next ch, hdc in next ch, 2 dc in next ch, 4 dc in next ch, join in the top of the 1st sk 3 chs.
2nd Leaf: Ch 9, repeat the pattern instructions for the 1st Leaf.
3rd through 10th Leaves: Repeat 2nd Leaf.

Rnd 1: Ch 1, sc in same st as last jng, sc in next dc, ch 1, (dc, ch 3, dc) in next dc, work a 3-tr cluster in the next unused ch-1 (at the tip of the leaf), [ch 4, sk next 4 sts on next leaf, sc in next st, ch 4, 3-tr cluster in next unused ch-1] 8 times, ch 4 sk next 4 sts on next leaf, sc in next st, ch 5,  work 2 tr in the ch-1 sp at the tip of the leaf; turn and work down opposite side mirroring the sts just worked as follows: ch 5, sk next 4 sts on leaf, sc in next st, ch 4, 3-tr cluster in the same ch-1 that the 3-tr cluster is worked in on the opposite side, repeat from [ to ] 8 times, ch 5, sk 6 sts on next leaf, (dc, ch 3, dc) in  next st, ch 1, sc in next st,join to 1st sc worked this rnd.
Make the chain for the belt loop:

Ch 15, join in the same sc as last jng.

Rnd 2 (1st side): Ch 1, do not work in jng sc, sc in each of next sc, ch-1 sp, and dc, work 5 sc in next ch-3 sp, sc in next dc, work 6 sc in next ch-5 sp, [sc in next st, work 4 sc in next ch-4 sp] 17 times, sc in next st, work 7 sc in next ch-5 sp;

Make the tie: Sl st in the next tr on edging rnd 1, [ch 20, working in ch just made, sl st in 2nd ch from hk, sc in next ch, 2 hdc in next ch, 3 hdc in next ch, sk next ch, sl st in next ch - turn, work in the unused lps on the opposite side of the ch just worked mirroring the sts as follows: sl st in 1st ch, sk next ch, 3 hdc in next ch, 2 hdc in next ch, sc in next ch, sl st in next ch, sl st in the sk ch-1 at the beginning of the ch-20] 8 times, ch 5, sl st in next tr on edging rnd 1;

Rnd 2 (2nd side): Continue working in the remaining sts on edging rnd 1; work 7 sc in the next ch-5 sp, [sc in next st, work 4 sc in next ch-4 sp] 17 in next st, work 6 sc in next ch-5 sp, sc in next dc, 5 sc in next ch-3 sp, sc in each of next dc, ch-1 sp, and sc.
Finish Belt loop: work 20 sc in the ch-15 of the belt lp ch, join to the 1st sc worked on edging rnd 2 (1st side).
Fasten off, weave in end. 
You can leave your belt as is or follow the instructions to add the ruffle edging.


Note: When yarning over with the ruffle yarn to create your stitch or pull up a loop, yarn over in the next mesh across the top of the yarn that is about an inch away from the loop that is on the hook.

Joining in the ruffle yarn:
Measure a length of about 12 inches from the start of the ruffle yarn, tie a knot.
Spread the "mesh" after the knot, insert the hook through a mesh along the top of the ruffle yarn about 2 inches from the knot just made; inserting the hook in another mesh along the top of the yarn about an inch from the mesh on the hook, yarn over and pull a loop up through the first mesh on the hook to create your starting loop.

Lay belt flat with tie facing to the right, you will work the ruffle yarn in edging round 2 of the belt; with the top (edge being worked) of the ruffle yarn adjacent to the belt, join the ruffle yarn in the first sc left of the ties by working a sc.

Ruffle Pattern:
[Single crochet in the BACK LOOP ONLY of the next sc on edging rnd 2, work a single crochet in the unused front loop of the SAME single crochet just worked in] in each single crochet across until you get to the "belt loop."
Work a single crochet in the front loop only of the first sc worked in the "belt loop," sc in the side of the same sc just worked in,  sc in the space on edging rnd 2 in the inside center of the "belt loop," work a sc in the side of  the last sc worked in the "belt loop," sc in the front loop of the same sc,
   Working in the remaining sc's on edging rnd 2, repeat from [ to ] until you get back to the "tie."

Fasten off in the following manner:
Working along the top edge of the ruffle yarn, yarning over every 1/4 inch, single crochet until you reach the same distance from the belt that the knot made in the beginning tail is.
Working in a straight line, weave the hook through the mesh from to the bottom,   grab the bottom loop with the hook and pull it through to the top of the work, pulling the loop as large as you can make it.
Cut the ruffle yarn so that it is slightly longer than the beginning tail. Yarn over with the entire thickness of yarn, pull the tail through the loop on the hook, pull tight to secure.
Measure beginning and ending tail and trim to the same length.

Challenge: If there is any remaining ruffle yarn left, experiment different ways to make an extra tie.

Fall Leaves Ruffle Belt
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