Wednesday, August 19, 2015

12 Free Leaf Inspired Crochet Patterns

Look at these 12 projects to crochet inspired by leaves.

For my free September Monthly Inspiration pattern I was inspired to create something with leaves for fall, I've also been really eager to create something with ruffle yarn. Wandering through the yarn aisle at the department store I came across the perfect ribbon yarn in fall colors. But before I began my creation I wanted to get an idea of what other leaf patterns AND ruffle yarn patterns were being offered in the world of crochet. After hours of searching the internet I decided to offer what I found to save you the search time, which could be better invested in actually crocheting the item.

Since I searched for two different types of projects, I'm offering two posts this week. Click here to see the ruffle yarn free patterns I found.

Crochet a leaf project.

Have you ever noticed when you attempt to look up free crocheted leaf projects you mostly find free patterns of multiple different styles and sizes of leaves, only leaves. This is great if you already have a project on mind that just want to sew a leaf or two onto, maybe you could even create a flower to go with it.

But to find an entire leaf project on the internet is another story, but I did it ... with lots of internet searching. And I've compiled some of my favorite designs here to make the searching a little easier for you. Just click on the photo below and you'll be taken directly to the site and page of the pattern.

There you have it, 12 of my favorite free crochet patterns with leaves. I can't wait to try them, but I can't decide between the Laurel Leaf Scarf, the Cascading Leaves Bag, the felted leaf pillow, or the tunic. I know I'm definitely making the Leaves for the Naked Branch for a small Easter tree, I might even add a few small Styrofoam Easter eggs.

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As well look at my September Inspiration free pattern or my September Inspiration Scarf of the Month pattern I have for sale to see a combination leaf project mixes with a cute ruffle yarn edging. Just click the photo to be redirected to this free pattern.

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