Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Stitchin' & Complainin' - Pet Peeve # 7

This is the 4th in a series of my top 10 crochet "pet peeves" All of us avid crocheters out there know that crocheting is a marvelous craft to undertake, can fill our lives with hours of enjoyment and we end up with a beautiful finished project at some points along the journey. However, there are those small annoyances that sometimes cause big frustrations.

My crochet pet peeve # 7: different stitches in different countries.

This can be rather frustrating once you get part way through a project and realize that the double crochet's you were making were supposed to be single crochets and now you have something that, to complete, you need to find the world's tallest (make sure they're skinny) person to gift it to.

So, the unraveling begins, along with the tears. At this point, depending how much of the project I need to unravel I may just be too frustrated to start over and decide to move on to a new project. Unless, of course, I've bought a particular yarn specifically to make this item and have nothing else in mind to use it for.

I do have to admit that most patterns I've come across note if they use UK terminology, and with all the information available on the internet it's pretty easy to figure out. But I often miss that, when I purchase a pattern I'm usually so excited to get started that I skip passed looking at some of the details and get right into the pattern. So often, the frustration isn't truly with the different terminology as it's not really that much of a hindrance, the frustration can be chalked up to my lack of patience and over-eagerness to get started. (If you've read some of my other pet peeves, this is often the case.)

You know it's great that we have organizations that are attempting to standardize certain aspects of crocheting, like the Craft Yarn Counsel of America. But then we have some great standardized terminology that applies to one country. How about the creation of a Craft Yarn Counsel of the World. 
That would be my dream, standardized hook, yarn, and stitch guides for the whole world. I know it sounds rather selfish of me to want whole entire countries to change how they've learned and created crochet patterns and projects, just so I don't have to learn to slow down and have a little patience. 

Alas, I'm sure I'll learn one day ... it's not too late for a 41 year old lady whose been crocheting since the age of 8 to learn to do things differently ... is it?!?

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