Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Stitchin' and Complainin' - Crochet Pet Peeve # 8

Welcome (or welcome back) to my series of articles "Stitchin' and Complainin." Where I talk about my biggest crochet Pet Peeves. Each week I will reveal a pet peeve, starting from only a slightly minor annoyance to my # 1 pet peeve, which I just can't seem to get over.

You know, as well as I do, that crocheting is a loved and time-honored craft. Enabling a person to be creative, find peace, enjoy a finished project (or pass it on as a gift). It has been around for centuries and an amazing endeavor to learn and commit to. But it cannot be denied, that there are certain things about this wonderful craft that just seem to make our frustration levels rise:

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Today I would like to discuss my Crochet Pet Peeve # 8: Finishing a ball of yarn with just a few stitches or rows left in the project.

There are many aspects to this that can be very frustrating. Really who wants to join in a new ball of yarn for a few stitches. But really what's the choice?

Okay there is something that can be done, that I have done in the past when faced with this dilemma. Depending of the project (let's say it's a scarf, or something that you can remove a row or two without compromising the look of the project), I just end off on the last row worked prior to running out of yarn. Easy does it, no worries.

But what about those times that those last few stitches or rows are a necessary part of the project your crocheting. What then? Really the only choice is to join in a new ball of yarn. It works, it's not that big of a deal as long as you bought that extra ball of yarn to begin with or the store you bought it from still has more available in the same dye lot (don't even get me started on dye lots). If you don't have that extra ball of yarn or  can't get more of the same, you may actually have to tear apart that project that you worked so hard on. Possible doing more color changes, or starting right over with a different color (at least this time you'll know you need that extra ball from the start).

Even if you do have the extra yarn or can get more of it, still ... to start a new ball for just a few stitches is so annoying. What then? What becomes of the remainder of that ball that you've only used such a small amount of? Really, you need to use it up with a new project that you may or may not have wanted to make. Or more than likely, if you're anything like me, it goes in the craft cupboard along with all of those other ball of partially used yarn that you never seem to use up but are never willing to get rid of.

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