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Must Have Pattern: Pink Crocheted Baskets

I had the perfect yarn to make some baskets, now I needed the perfect basket pattern to use it on. While searching through etsy for some crocheted basket patterns I found the ones I knew I just had to try.

This photo was taken from shop HandMadebyNatalija, shop owner and pattern designer.
Click to photo to be taken directly to the etsy shop ordering page to purchase this pattern for yourself.
I love the look of these baskets, they were a little unique from the rest of the basket patterns I saw. The triangle patterns and the different colors used in the photos really caught my eye.

Upon downloading, and reading, the pattern I was even more excited about getting started. The instructions were very simplistic with a lot of photos included to help in making of the pattern, the photos were especially helpful in the assembly of the baskets. The part that I liked most about the pattern was that a stitch count was given for the beginning row with instructions on how to use measurements to determine the number of rows needed, which meant I could follow the basic idea of the instructions to make any size basket I wanted. Also since the row count is determined by a measurement, I could use any size yarn that I wanted as well and be sure to get a basket that turned out every time.

As I mentioned above, I found a yarn that I really wanted to use to make some baskets. I used Bernat Handicrafter medium weight yarn (50g/1.75oz_73m/80yds per ball) in colors #13740/Hot Pink, #00030/Pale Yellow and #13114/Indigo to make my baskets.
I got all 4 of these baskets with only 1 ball of pink, 2 balls each of the
pale yellow and indigo - which, where I live, only cost me $10.00
Here are a few tips that I learned along the way. I liked the idea that the baskets are worked with rectangle and then joined together, the design ideas for each basket could be almost endless. Some of my tips may not make sense to most readers, however, if you purchased the basket pattern from HandMadebyNatalija's etsy shop then hopefully you'll understand the following tips.

I truly do like the idea that a basic stitch count is given to start each size rectangle to be created, and rather than a number of rows the length of the rectangle is determined by a measurement based off of the base row measurement (only a little simple multiplication is required). However, since I knew I'd be making at least 3 different size baskets and I'm not a big fan of measuring as I work I discovered a small trick to help me avoid the measuring except for a little during the gauge process. For my trick to work, I needed to find a hook size (using a hook too small for the yarn works best as it will give you a tighter stitch and a sturdier basket) that would give me an even single crochet gauge. For example, the number of single crochet worked in the SAME number of rows will give you an almost exact square measurement. I lucked out on my first try with a 3.50mm hook which gave me a gauge measurement of 8 single crochet rows by 8 single crochet each row equaled 2 inches square.

I will try to explain why this is important without disclosing any of the actual pattern instructions. In the pattern, to determine how long each rectangle needs to be you are to multiply the width of the base row by a given number. Now, if your gauge is even, as I explained above, you can multiply the number of stitches in the base row by the given number to determine how many rows to work. (I really hope this all makes sense).

Here's the first basket I tried, this is the smallest of the
three baskets - my basket measures 3 inches square by
2 1/2 inches deep.
Since I try to avoid as much sewing as possible, I slip
stitch my pieces together and had a little trick to avoid
sewing the bottom, which I'll talk about further below.

This even gauge also comes in handy when it's times to join the rectangles together. Since the stitches measured evenly, I did not have to create each rectangle separately. Rather than sewing the bottom of each section together, I was able to follow the assembly photos and crochet each new rectangle directly in the ends of the rows of the previously made rectangle. As well, you won't need to worry about your 'control' (you'll understand when you get the pattern), you once again can use the row count as your control.

Like I wrote earlier, the idea of the baskets being created in sections and using a measurement gives endless opportunities for trying different sizes, stitches, color combinations and yarn size. Here are a few more samples of what I did with the basket pattern.

I had a little fun with the strip pattern and color combination
on the pattern for the medium size basket, I even made one
of the striped section with the stripes worked the length
of the section rather than the width.
I used the same size hook which gave me the same gauge
measurement as for the smallest size basket.
With this yarn and the 3.50mm hook the size of the
medium basket is 5 inches square by 3 inches deep.

For the largest size basket I did some basic solid and
striped panels. I worked 2 rows per stripe, per color.
The largest basket measures
5 3/4 inches square by 4 inches deep.

Since I had a little bit of yarn left over I wanted to
attempt a basket using something beyond a single crochet.
For this small size basket I followed the pattern instructions
for the number of stitch count for the base row and used
a measurement for each section's length. This basket was
created using a ribbed half double crochet stitch.

While I was crocheting my first set of baskets, I got an idea to
create a larger size basket according to the pattern instructions. I used 2 strands of each color together with a
4.25 mm hook. I also increased the base row of the largest size
basket pattern instructions by 3 stitches.
Here is the basket next to the smallest of the baskets I made.
For the large basket I used 4 balls of pink and 2 balls each of
soft yellow and indigo.
The basket measures 8 inches square by 7 inches deep.
For this basket I followed the pattern instructions for the smallest
size basket, I used a bulky weight yarn and a size 4.25mm hook.
The edging and sections joining single crochets were worked loosely
with a light weight yarn.

I created this basket with a light weight yarn and a 3.00mm hook. I followed the
instructions for the largest size basket, but to try something a little different,
I created with pattern with the waffle stitch. I also added an extra edging
round of single crochet around the top of the basket.

Some other things that I want to try with this pattern are to make the baskets and add a lid and a handle. Or what about making the pattern with lace weight thread to give you some dainty, lacy baskets for wedding favors.

Here are some other patterns that really caught my eye in HandMadebyNatalija's etsy shop: (Just click on the photo below to be taken to that pattern's ordering page on etsy, these photos were used from the etsy shop.)

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