Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stitching and Complaining, Top Ten Crochet Pet Peeves

I truly don't want to turn anyone away from the joy of crochet. It is a beautiful, wonderful craft that can inspire, bring joy, a sense of accomplishment ... and for me it brings me many hours of peace and comfort.

However, not to be a complainer ... but I'm going to be. There are certain things I encounter often enough that seem to take away from the joy and leave a person feeling any thing but peaceful. So here is the first of a ten part series: Stitching and Complaining: Top Ten Crochet Pet Peeves.
This first part is more of a small annoyance rather than an outright complaint, but it does cause a little extra bumps to my day, however as the series go on I will slowly unravel each frustrating thing I run across often enough that sometimes it takes up a little more of my thoughts than needed.

#10: Standard Hook Sizes?!!!???

Has anyone else out there noticed, you will once in a while run across a pattern that the hook size doesn't quite make sense with any numbers that are listed on any of your hooks? 

It seems like the letters sizes are all the same, but those pesky numbers (the ones listed in mm) all seem to be a little different. There is a standard. The Craft Yarn Council seems to want to adopt one ... why don't we all.

Okay, I'll admit, it's more of an inconvenience than an outright frustration or problem. However, I have run across patterns that only list the hook size in "mm", and since I'm pretty sure I have every hook size possible, I'm unsure what to do when it seems like none of my hooks have the "mm" size that is asked for in the pattern. 

I guess I could guess, do a gauge check (which in reality I should be doing anyways, but don't always want to take the time). 

Where I run into the biggest frustration with this is when I'm creating my own patterns, of course, not all the numbers on my hooks match the standard sizes listed on the Craft Yarn Councils site, so I'm continually double checking to make sure my pattern lists the standard size. It often just feels like I'm wasting my time double checking things that I get frustrated that I have to do.

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