Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Best Thing I Discovered in the Yarn Aisle

Since my children are all older now (ages 14, 17, and 20), and my job got cut way back in hours I have much more time to crochet, and I find myself spending much more time in the yarn aisle at our local department store.

I love walking up and down the aisle, looking (and feeling) the different yarns, getting inspiration for my next design or project. It's like when my children were little and we'd hang out in the toy aisle imagining how much fun they'd have with each toy that caught their attention.

Depending on my mood, and my day, some would think that the best thing I could find in the yarn aisle would be those giant balls of yarn ... inexpensive, can make a lot of project.

Or maybe I've found the perfect wool blend yarn, or something that feels so soft that I just want to make a comfy warm blanket or pillow with.

How about the bright balls of yarn that catch your eye.

Maybe it's finding the perfect color coordinated balls of yarn, then you don't have to do the matching up yourself.

And who doesn't love that yarn with a bit of sparkle.

Or what about that perfect crochet thread to make a modern, contemporary style doily or table cover.

Really depending on what I'm inspired to make that day, it could be any one of these things. But it's not ....

The best thing I discovered in the yarn aisle are the other people in the yarn aisle. It is one of the friendliest sections of the department store. With a ball of yarn in hand, how easy it is to turn to another shopper - with a ball of yarn in their hand - and strike up a conversation. And it almost always starts out the same way every time:

"Do you knit or crochet?"

From there the conversation can either proceed, or end. It all depends on my response to the question, which is always this:

"I can do both, but I prefer to crochet!"

If the person I have encountered is a knitter, I will get some friendly response about the yarn in my hand and that's typically the end of the conversation. If the other person is as me, can do both but prefers crochet, we will often talk of the difference, discuss why crocheting is so much better. We will occasionally give a small effort to say something positive about knitting but they are weak statements and we soon get back onto the topic of crochet. Then we will lead into the same conversation that starts out with a fellow crocheter who has had no experience with knitting ...

Once you start discussing what projects you are working on, what your favorite yarn is, where you go to get the best yarn (our department store yarn aisle is very small, so we will often point each other in the direction of craft stores in other cities or catalogs that carry yarn). Before you know it, we are talking about how long we've been crocheting, when our favorite time to crochet is, who taught us, projects we hope to make in the future. We talk about our kids, our spouses, other hobbies.

And this all happens in ten minutes ... in the yarn aisle. What a wonderful place to spend the afternoon!

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