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Must Have Pattern: Love Knot Crochet Hook Organizer

Featured shop: livinginamethyst

When I was searching for crochet patterns on Etsy, I spotted this wonderful design. The photos were so bright and colorful that it caught my eye right away and I needed to click in and find out more.

Love Knot Crochet Hook Organizer crochet Pattern. Featured in livinginamethyst
on Etsy. To view this pattern in the livinginamethyst shop click the photo above.

Once I read the pattern description, I was delighted. It is March after all, with spring cleaning and organization on my mind, I knew this was the perfect pattern to try. This was not only going to be the perfect way to get my hooks organized, I was finally going to have the opportunity to use up some of those small amount of yarn that I have left over from past projects that I just can't seem to part with. I was also intrigued with trying the "love knot". It's a stitch I have never used and was excited to find a project where I could learn this new stitch. (To view all the designs that livinginamethyst offers in Etsy, click here.)

Before I continue with my pattern review, I'd like to say a big thank you to the livinginamethyst shop owner, Lxi for giving me permission to review this pattern on my blog and for allowing me to use some of her photos (like the one above). Thank you, it's really great to get such quick and friendly responses from fellow crocheter's and pattern designers.

I am so pleased with the pattern presentation. The pattern instructions are well organized, the presentation is beautiful and easy to follow. But what I was most happy to find were the well-written instructions and photos illustrating how to create the love knot (solomon's knot) stitch. I had truly expected to have to do several internet searches until I could find some clear instructions to create this stitch, but it was not necessary. After a few tries following the instructions given in this pattern, I was more than ready to begin the project.

The pattern was really quick to make up and I absolutely love the way the "pockets" were incorporated in the pattern. I did have some trouble getting my solomon's knots to work out to the right size and my cover ended up being way too large for the pocket liner. At first I thought of getting out a ruler to make sure that each of my stitches was the correct sizing, but that became very tedious. In the end, I just worked at getting my stitches a uniform size and crocheted the first row to line up with the long end on the liner and then continued with the pattern until it seemed to size nicely to the liner.

Click through the slideshow below to see the Love Knot Crochet Hook Organizer that I created using Bernat Satin Yarn, or click here to see this pattern on Etsy and see the beautiful photos in the livinginamethyst shop.

One thing that I really like when I work from a pattern I've purchased, when either upon first glance or as I'm creating the project from the pattern, is to discover that the pattern is easy enough to make some adjustments to in order to create slightly different finished pieces. And this pattern did not disappoint. The way the pattern is set up, with only a few minor adjustments, it is very easy to create the project with pockets of any depth (you just need to increase the number of stitches in each row) and you could create it with as many pockets as you desire (just keep adding more rows until you have your desired number of pockets).

So, as I was creating my first project, following the pattern instructions exactly as they were, I already began to get an idea of how to slightly alter the pattern to make something mostly the same, but with a slight different purpose.

Now, I was almost afraid to post this on my crochet blog for fear that some very avid crocheters out there would disown me, but I know there are others out there like me ... multiple crafters.

So, I tried my hand at crocheting a Knitting Needle Organizer (in my defense, this could also be used as an afghan crochet hook organizer). For this project I just increased by beginning chain (thus the amount of stitches in each row) until it was slightly more than knitting needle length. I also decided to remove the "spine" rows so that the organizer could be rolled up instead of folded.

The one thing I will say, that I was not happy with was that I used Red Heart Comfort yarn which is a bit of a heavier worsted weight yarn, giving the project a bulkier size. I much preferred the softer, finer worsted weight yarn that I used for the crochet hook organizer. I also underestimated the size of the cover I needed and it ended up pulling too tight, leaving the love knots not so lovely.

I loved the bright and colorful photos that were used on the livinginamethyst photos, but I was bound and determined to not buy any yarn for this project. Desperate to make something as colorful as what had originally caught my eye about this pattern, I got an idea. I have all of these bright and colorful Anne Geddes Baby yarn left over from a project I had just made and  I wanted to find a way to use it. But since it's a light weight yarn I needed to do some adjusting. At first I began by trying two strands together, but part way through I tore it apart as I really didn't need another organizer for my yarn size hooks.

Instead I created an organizer for my aluminum crochet hooks (you know, those sizes used with thread or crochet cotton). I didn't even need to make any adjustments to the pattern. I used this beautiful light weight yarn with a size 3.50 mm crochet hook and had my most favorite project ... so far!

As I was making the crochet hook organizer with the bright light weight yarn, I couldn't help but thinking how the bright colors would be perfect for a children's project ... but alas, I do not know any young children who crochet. And then it hit me, and since I am truly a child at heart ... this is now my favorite of the organizers that I made.

I'm really looking forward to making a few of these for some young people I know ... and I'm planning on taking it even further ... what about paint brush holders, pencil crayons, make up brushes, nail polish pencils ....

I was really happy with this pattern: Love Knot Crochet Hook Organizer that I purchased from livinginamethyst's Etsy shop.

I was so happy with the ease and presentation of the pattern instructions that I'm looking forward to purchasing more patterns from livinginamethyst; here are a few others that I'm hoping to purchase when time permits:

Photo taken from livinginamethyst Etsy shop: I can't wait to try out this book cover.
To view/purchase this pattern in the etsy shop just click on the photo.

Photo taken from the livinginamethyst Etsy shop: I was thrilled
to see this purse pattern and can't wait to try one for myself.
To view/purchase this pattern on Etsy, click the photo.

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