Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hooked on Crocheted Winter Wear

Since I've been spending a lot of time in the local store where I can buy my yarn, I've run into a lot of crocheters who will claim, "I love to make afghans," or "I'm kind of hooked on crocheting baby toys" or "I really like to make doilies and give them for gifts."

I was originally going to title this blog post "Stuck in a Rut." It seems like, lately, the only things I'm inspired to crochet is scarves and hats. Maybe because they are easy to make ... or maybe because I live in a winter cold-zone and all I want to do is create things that will keep me warm.

I enjoy making hats and scarves, they are fun (and quick) to create ... but when is enough, enough! I feel like I'm stuck in a rut.

I created this set of hat and scarves for the whole family, and then I
seemed to be on a roll!

I dream of stepping out of my comfort zone ... creating something new .... a shirt? some slippers? (Okay, I'm feeling cold again, that's why slippers popped into my mind).

I did get a little creative, went out of my comfort zone, created a set of .... wristlets! (Now, I know that is still technically winter wear!) And then, if you have something warm to put on your hands, don't you need a hat ... and scarf?!?

I needed to get unstuck, from my winter wear peril ... I have many great ideas, but when I see a ball of yarn, or get an idea ... my mind automatically goes to winter wear ... so many, so many hats and scarves.

I had it with this whole hat/scarf thing, thought I could step out and create something different. I knew it ... I had an idea ... and designed a shawl!

And then to my dismay, I realize that all I created was a glorified scarf. You know, I even devoted a whole pattern collection that I'm working on called "Scarf of the Month." When will the madness end.

January Inspiration - Frosty Nights Cowl

February Inspirations - Love is in the Air

When will the madness end? I ask ... not yet ... since I am currently creating a set of scarves, hats, headbands and wristlets that will be coming soon to my "Just a Stitch Away" pattern collection and a few offered as free patterns on this blog.

On a lighter note, a long term project I have been working on is a loop stitch blanket, so I do get some change from the scarf situation ... wait a minute ... isn't an afghan just a big giant scarf?

Since I couldn't seem to get my design mind out of this scarf rut, I thought it would be good to take a look on Etsy, buy a pattern from another designer, give a different idea a try. But where did I go, what did pattern did I create ... a keyhole scarf! To purchase or see this design click the photo to be taken to the etsy order page at

This photo was taken from

I'm doomed to forever create scarves!

At least summer is on it's way in a few months, maybe that will inspire me to create something different? A beach wrap perhaps?

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