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Must Have Patterns: Keyhole Scarf by kalliedesigns

Featured etsy shop: kalliedesigns

Often when I browsing through Etsy or Craftsy, I see so many patterns for sale that are truly beautiful designs. I often by-pass them, thinking maybe "one day." It seems that I'm working on so many of my own designs that  I never get to those really great patterns that so many others put their heart into creating.

But when I saw this design on Etsy, I just couldn't resist. Something about the vintage feel and simplicity of the design really captured my attention. And upon checking out and viewing the other patterns listed in this shop, I just knew I wanted to feature not only this pattern on my blog, but the entire shop. If you love vintage styles, I really encourage you to check it out.

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As soon as I purchased the pattern, I couldn't wait to get started. You know those designs you're so excited to try out you don't even make it to the craft store to get yarn. I had an ample amount of yarn left over from some pillows I had just designed, I loved the colors and got started right away.

The design is so quick and easy that I had my first version of the scarf done in one evening. I made it exactly to pattern specifications, with only one change (I added a row of slip stitches to the rose).

Here is the first of the scarves that I created from this beautifully designed pattern.

I truly did love the outcome of this scarf, but it wasn't quite right. It didn't quite capture the style that I saw in the photos of this design on I wanted to try again.

In my next scarf I made from this pattern, I went back to the original colors of my pillow creations (I really do love the colors) and decided to try something different. I followed the pattern instructions using two strands of yarn and a larger crochet hook. Instead of one rose, I made four roses by dividing the number of stitches from the pattern in half. I loved the thicker design of the scarf, but didn't like the way I combined the colors:

I couldn't stop there (I really did like this design, and it was very quick and easy to make). I had purchased some wool/acrylic blend yarn - chunky size, that I had in mind for one of my own designs,

I put my own design ideas aside (I could always get more of this yarn on my next trip to the store - and I really wanted to make another one of these keyhole scarves right away), and went ahead with another scarf. I used this Bernat Roving Chunky weight yarn with the same size hook suggested in the pattern; but since I already had 2 scarves that looked very similar, I did want to change up the style just a bit. 

I alternated between the cream and gray for the main part of the pattern, changing colors every second row. I used the plum for the trim, and for a little bit of a different take on the flower I created a large "loop stitch" flower.

I left all the "tails" from changing colors to the end to be worked in, but when I saw the look of the scarf I decided to leave them for a "fringe."

This last one turned out beautifully, however, since my eldest daughter claimed it for her own, I won't get to enjoy it anyways.

I highly recommend the designs from kalliedesigns. The shop owner (as I has contacted her a few times via the "Contact Shop Owner" link on her shop), Rebecca, was quick to respond and seemed like a genuinely lovely lady.

I love being able to take a pattern and add my own twists and touches to it. The style was simplistic enough in design that I could make several of the scarves and change them up enough to have a different look each time, or follow the pattern instructions exactly and get a beautiful outcome every time.

And just to assure all who are reading, I have no affiliation with the owner/shop that I purchased this pattern from. I fell in love with the pattern and really liked the other vintage style patterns she has to offer in her etsy shop.

Here's a few of the other patterns on that are going on my list of designs to try:

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