Monday, January 12, 2015

How to Not Twist the Chain when Forming a Circle

There are times when I've began a pattern that requires a lengthy beginning chain shortly followed by the instructions that go something like this: "join with a slip stitch in the first chain to form a circle, being careful not to twist the chain."

Now this can, at times, be more difficult then it sounds. I have enlisted the help of my daughter to help hold the chain straight as I join. I have also ignored whether or not I'm twisting the chain, sometimes lucking out and other times having to work with a twisted chain.

Then, one day I attempted the following, it worked great and now I use it every time with little frustration.

Note: If the chain is really, really long then cover a large flat area with a towel. Once you've completed Step 3 it may be worth it to pin the chain to the towel in a few places to hold it "un"twisted.

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