Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to Hold a Crochet Hook and Yarn

Try as I might, I wanted to offer some information on how to hold a crochet hook. However there seems to be several different ways one can hold a hook. So, rather than showing the way I hold my hook, I am offering a few links to some posts offered by other crocheters on holding a hook. What I would suggest is to spend some time crocheting, holding the hook with each different method until you find the way most comfortable for you.

Here's a post from Woman's Weekly which demonstrates three different methods (with videos) on how to hold a crochet hook and yarn, plus a demonstration for left-handed crocheters:

Learn crochet from the start - how to hold your hook and yarn.

I love these tutorials from the Crochet Guru, with both video and written instructions. The instructions and very well-written. If I were a beginner, wanting to get started with crochet, this would definitely be very helpful:

Learn To Hold a Crochet Hook

How to Hold Yarn for Crochet

There are many great sites out there that demonstrate the basics of holding a hook and yarn. I found the above sites to both be very helpful.

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