Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Crochet - A Whole New Year of Crochet

Happy 2015 everybody in the world of crochet.

Well it's a new year, a fresh start. Time again to dust off those New Year's Resolutions and start again!
Of course, I bring back all those ones that I dust off every year, take off the shelf and start again:

1. Eat healthier.
2. Get more exercise.
3. Drink less coffee.
4. Use my vehicle less; you know to save fuel, money, and give me a reason to walk more.
5. Keep my plastic container cupboard and pot/pan cupboards more organized.

Okay, this is how it goes, not even 1 week into 2015 and I've broken everyone already (multiple times). Which leads me to realize that when one must make a resolution, to truly stick to it, one must truly want to do that which they resolve to do. Now, there's my mistake, let me take another look at this lofty list I have created.

1. Eat healthier. Well now, that would be a great wish. But those chips and dip call my name in such an alluring way. Do I want to stick to a healthier diet, or do I want those ever so alluring brownies (you know the ones - the chocolate fudge icing, baked so the center's still gooey)? Okay, enough said I think you know where I stand on that one.

2. Get more exercise. Sounds great, would feel great too! Not, it feels awful ... sweaty, tired, sore muscles. I could go on and on. To whomever coined the term "no pain ... no gain"; well no thank you!

3. Drink less coffee. Okay, even saying this is a dangerous thing in my household. If the topic happens to come up, my kids run and hide in terror. Trust me, I've gone without coffee before, it's not pretty.

4. Use my vehicle less ... walk more. Great and noble concept, I'm all for using less fuel. But I think, until April or May, I will find better ways to help the environment. I live in a frozen wasteland. And as far as the having a reason to walk more ... well see # 2.

5. Okay, keeping my cupboards more organized, that's just silly to even think of. It is my children who do the evening dishes, and I'm just happy that they get them in the right cupboard. To keep those organized I'd have to be doing it everyday! That one was off the list before I even tried.

So, rethinking what I truly want for myself this year, I made a new list.

Crochet Revolution

Okay, I know I miss spelled Resolution. But this was my moment of daydreaming - uniting fellow crocheters around the world. Overthrowing fashion stores everywhere, donning an entire nation - no world - with the wonderful world of crochet design.  Okay, I'll get it right this time...

Crochet Resolutions - 2015

Then I sat down to make my list of what I resolve to do in my world of crochet in the year 2015, put my pen to paper (of fingers to keypad, if you want me to be more accurate) ... and then realized ... for me a word resolution is only meant to be broken. As soon as I stick the word resolution as the title of my list, it naturally and automatically means ... look at if for a few days, sigh in despair at how I'm failing so, stick it up on the shelf. Only to be dusted off, brought down, and reread in 2016. So maybe, I need to adjust my title, that would make all the difference in the world.

My Crochet Goals for 2015

Okay, that's better, now I can make a list of things I want to accomplish this year in crochet. Set a plan, make a goal, get it done!!! But ... wait a minute ... that seems so formal, so much like work. All this planning and goal setting ... seems like it could just be another list of undone things, disappointment. Maybe "goals" are a little too lofty. Isn't crocheting supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, give me a sense of accomplishment. This title again, seems to be setting me up for failure, I'm already exhausted from just thinking about all the thought and time it would take just to make this list ... an awful lot of pressure if you ask me. 

Let me rethink this, what could I title my list ... hmm...

Crochet to-do - just get it done!!!!!

Really here goes.... my list written to me!!!!

1. finish all those unfinished projects - I mean it, don't start something new no matter how excited you are that you found the perfect ball of yarn for a pattern you saw just the other day.

2. really, truly ... sort out that craft storage area - you can't blame this one on the kids, and if that whole fuel idea above was to save a little money, this would save a lot of money. I might just keep a better idea of what I have for yarn, so I'm not buying new balls every time I start a project. And this leads into # 3.

3. Find some small projects to use up those odds and ends of yarn that are sitting there. You know you won't throw them out, because it seems wasteful and there could be enough there to just make something. But in all reality, you never do use them up. Why - see # 2. HOLD ON.. before you set out to accomplish this endeavor, see # 1.

4. Actually make something for yourself, don't be swayed by your daughters oohing and ahhing over some project you've started for yourself. When they say how much they love it ... say thank you and hide it deep, deep in your closet, only to be found by you when you desire to use it. Left anywhere else, you know they'll claim it as theirs. Then really you can't even make one for yourself, since who wants to be seen walking around with the same scarf as their child ... 

There it is, my crochet resolution , crochet goals, "just get it done list" for 2015. What's yours?

Okay, here's a photo of my craft storage closet. I make the photo fuzzy on purpose so it maybe wouldn't appear so bad!

And here are two large canvas bags full of my unfinished projects, some as close to being done as just needing to get the ends worked in. And yet, sitting at my kitchen table is another project I've started - not even half done! Just printed out and purchased the yarn for a pattern that I found on etsy that's awesome (see my post in two weeks to see the pattern and my finished version of it)! As well, behind my couch, I have some pillow that are done but the ends aren't worked in, and with the yarn to make a co-ordinating afghan. Maybe my to-do list is actually a little too lofty for me.

Okay, almost forgot, even though I didn't add it to my list above. I also really want to get all my designs from looking like this to looking like this:

This is actually one of my patterns that I did manage to do from start to finish. All the way to actually looking like a real pattern. To see more of this pattern click the photo above.

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